Why Recite ?

The Qur'an is the 4th and last sacred Holy Book of Almighty Allah. The Qur'an is the Book of guidance for the whole of mankind.

It was revealed to our beloved Prophet (SAW) who is the last Prophet of Allah Almighty. The Qur'an is the Divine book towards which Muslims turn when there is any problem because the Qur'an has the solution to every problem and it is guidance for every aspect of life.

Rewards Of Recitation

Our beloved Prophet (SAW) said: “Verily the one who recites The Qur'an beautifully, smoothly and precisely, he will be in the company of the noble and obedient angels.

Religious Duty

To read, understand and teach the Qur'an are all virtuous (rewarding) deeds. The Qur'an is a Divine Book that guides us towards righteousness and morality.

The Qur'an Purifies The Heart

You may not understand or remember everything when you read the Qur'an, but you will feel a change. That is the work of Allah in our lives, reading The Qur'an cleanses the heart.

Earns You Tenfold of Rewards Per Letter

Sūrah al-Kauthar is the shortest Surah in the Qur'an. It has 10 words and 42 letters. You can read it in less than 20 seconds (1/3 of a minute), and for that, you receive 420 rewards from Allah.

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